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For organizations and their outstanding leaders

Developing a company’s reputation and sales is no longer merely the Sales Director’s responsibility. As the company’s main ambassador, its leader must project an inspiring image to employees, partners and clients.

Adapted to the needs of each leader, our Elite Service achieves three goals :

Secure the leader’s personal brand
Increase the company’s visibility
Attract an engaged community

3 steps

1 - Diagnosis
A personal brand must be authentic to be effective. This first step is an in-depth analysis of the leader’s brand’s different aspects.

Revealing what makes the leader unique

  • Self-perception analysis
  • Online reputation diagnosis
  • 360° interviews with the professional entourage

2 - Strategy
A clear positioning that both distinguishes and adds value is the foundation of a strong personal brand. This step defines the best way to make a director known as an inspiring leader.

Defining the communication strategy

  • External environment analysis
  • Visual and textual identity guidelines
  • Online and offline communication plan

3 - Implementation
Once the strategy has been defined, the next step is to make it come alive. It is done by updating the leader’s digital presence and guiding them in the implementation of their communications.

Executing the strategy and measuring the impact

  • Optimize the digital presence
  • Photoshoot and biographies
  • Network development

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