About Ricochets

About Ricochets

Ricochets is first and foremost the story of a passion.


Ricochets started in 2015, when Robin and Renaud, the founders, meet in Montreal. They quickly realize that they share a common vision of a human and benevolent marketing. Together, they create Eminence Branding, an agency that helps businesses bring people back at the core of their communication strategy. The first clients are delighted and the experience is a success.

Back in Switzerland, Robin notices that several leaders share their convictions. Following this observation and in a very organic way, Ricochets is founded in 2018, in order to pursue their mission in Swiss territory.

They quickly surround themselves with partners who are moved by the same conviction: a more human communication is no longer solely a corporate social responsibility concern – it is also good for business.

As we coach our clients, our greatest pride is to see their self-confidence grow. This happens because we enjoy helping them.

Every day, we aim to push back marketing’s limits, in order to turn it into an accessible, human-centered art. Digital platforms are today’s tools. Who knows what shall be tomorrow’s?


The team

Renaud Margairaz Director

« To help each person fulfill their potential »
Such is Renaud’s motto.
Holder of a Master’s degree in Strategy, as well as blogger, trainer and speaker, this modern-day explorer delivers his strategic advice between Lausanne and Montreal.

He is not afraid of: jet-lag

Robin von Känel Director

A sharp mind gifted with excellent analytical skills, Robin is the team’s conductor who holds ten batons in each hand. Holder of a Master’s degree in Marketing, this personal branding aficionado contributes to democratizing the discipline by writing articles for newspapers such as Bilan or Courrier Cadres.

He is not afraid of: venturing off-road

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