Our Employee Ambassador Program

The Employee Ambassador Program: A Strategic Imperative

Employee advocacy is the mechanism through which a company or brand engages its employees to become ambassadors. How? By showcasing them in corporate communications, mobilizing them as message amplifiers, or better yet, training them to become thought leaders.

Employee advocacy through Ricochets

We firmly believe that your colleagues are more than just spokespeople for your organization. They are reputable experts in their field. Supporting the development of their thought leadership is a way to strengthen your reputation among your future clients, partners, and talents. You have the power to create a loyal and engaged professional community. Just take the leap!

Transforming your employees into ambassadors

Communicating online is not easy for everyone. Turning an employee into an ambassador means changing their behaviour. Such a transformation requires an individualized and human approach. Our Employee Ambassador Program has already been implemented in dozens of organizations, both in Switzerland and Canada. It consists of three phases that combine strategy, writing support, and close-knit coaching.


[1 month]

  • Individual communication strategy development
  • Tips for LinkedIn profile optimization


[3 months]

  • Guidance in defining the upcoming month's communication plan
  • Writing by the team of the first publications


[2 months]

  • Optimization tips for posts written by the ambassadors
  • Program performance evaluation through a detailed summary report

Employee ambassador program

What do the numbers say?

Performance, engagement, and opportunities. Participating in our employee advocacy program enables team members to increase their visibility and generate new connections. A guaranteed boost to the company's image!

Network Growth

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Profile Score Evolution (on 100)

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Increase of Profile Views (over 90 days)

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Note: These data come from the Service de l'eau case study (4 ambassadors)

Where to start?

To ensure the success of the program, some preliminary actions are required:

Employee Communication

Raise awareness among your colleagues about the impact of their actions on LinkedIn and provide them with the initial tools for effective communication.

Organizational Communication

Build your digital storefront and maintain your company's social media presence.

Are some points missing?
We can help you implement those that are not yet in place.

Examples of ambassadors on LinkedIn

Employee ambassadors master the challenges of digital communication. They participate in the digital reputation of the company while enhancing their own personal brand.